With its flagship store situated on Savile Row, Gaziano & Girling is considered by many to be Britain’s finest men’s shoemaker.

Founded in 2006 by Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling, two highly skilled shoemakers who trained with some of the most respected firms in the business, Gaziano & Girling specialises in not only outstanding bespoke shoes, but also benchmade made-to-order and ready-to-wear footwear, all crafted to the most exacting traditional standards. The design of G&G’s shoes, however, is celebrated for its sleek modernity, combining the best of old and new.

Available at KEVIN SEAH (G&G’s only retailer in Southeast Asia) in ready-to-wear and made-to-order, with regular bespoke trunk shows — next visit: 11 & 12 September 2018 (click here for details).


VASS shoes


Men’s style authority G. Bruce Boyer once wrote of Austro-Hungarian shoemaking: “When most American men think of superlative handmade shoes, Italy comes to mind. Or, perhaps for the more experienced customers, England. Only the true connoisseur is aware of the legendary artisans who flourished along the banks of the Danube in Budapest and Vienna in the fin-de-siecle days of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.”

As these 'true connoisseurs' know, at the vanguard of Austro-Hungarian shoemaking today is Vass Shoes, founded by Hungarian László Vass four decades ago. At the company’s workshop in Budapest, two-dozen shoemakers work tirelessly handcrafting robust, masculine yet elegant footwear in the very same way it was done during the art’s glory years more than a century ago.

The exclusive retailer in Singapore, KEVIN SEAH offers Vass Shoes ready-to-wear and made-to-order according to the client’s specifications.



Edward Green was a man with a singular passion for shoes. Starting in the industry as a 12-year-old apprentice, Edward was driven by an ambition to make a better class of shoe. He established his own workshop in Northampton in 1890, gathering around him the town’s most illustrious craftsmen, each an expert in their respective field, and sourced the best materials for them to work with. “Excellence without compromise,” was his promise and soon his name became associated with the finest English Goodyear Welted footwear, gracing style icons from Ernest Hemingway to Edward, the Duke of Windsor. 

Edward Green is still based in Northampton and employs more than 60 skilled artisans making around 350 pairs of shoes a week, many for export to the world's leading boutiques and department stores as well as the shoemaker's own shops in London and Paris. 

Available at KEVIN SEAH for ready-to-wear and made-to-order.




In creating the first collection of J.FitzPatrick footwear, the idea of harmonising the characteristic traits of English, Italian and French footwear served as the foundation to the direction of design and creation. Having loved an element of manufacturing from each country’s process, Justin wanted to somehow blend all three in order to create a shoe that he felt did not yet exist in the marketplace.

Available for made-to-order only.


A graduate of Nihon University College of Art, Masaru Okuyama learned the craftsmanship of bespoke shoemaking from famous Japanese footwear craftsman, Chihiro Yamaguchi. Masaru Okuyama believes a pair of shoes is the attire that expresses your seriousness about life.

In 2008, Masaru Okuyama started his own bespoke shoemaking workshop. His focus and attention to detail have brought him not only the respect and appreciation of his clients, but also the recognition of a gold medal in the Custom-Made Shoes Category at the German International Shoemakers’ Competition, Inter-Schuh-Service, in 2010.

Available for made-to-order and bespoke.

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