Kevin Seah Bespoke offers a wide selection of only the best English and Italian fabrics sourced directly from renowned mills such as Acorn Fabrics, Testa, Grandi & Rubinelli, Romentino and S.I.C. Tess. 

Measurements & Fittings

We recognise how measurements and numbers do not necessarily provide a complete picture. In keeping with the highest level of bespoke tailoring, we offer all our clients a trial fitting shirt—after which, his or her individual pattern is then adjusted and reproduced based on their selected fabrics. 


Impeccable workmanship is the hallmark of a Kevin Seah Bespoke shirt. This means that no shirts leave our workshop until the patterns are perfectly matched, feature 1/8-inch French seams (23 stitches/inch) and hand-shanked mother of pearl buttons. For the most passionate of connoisseurs, we also offer a higher level of luxury with our shirts entirely assembled and finished by hand including seams and buttonholes.



Bespoke shirts are priced at SGD$480 onwards / Made-to-measure shirts are priced at SGD$300 onwards.