People, products and places we appreciate.  

The Auld Alliance

Probably the best whisky bar in the world (or the best old-fashioned, at least).




Your guide to luxury living.

The Rake

No doubt one of our favourite Sunday afternoon reads.

Simon Crompton, Permanent Style

A journalist that keeps his grammar and sartorial choices in check.


Gianni Fontana and The Style Buff

We've got a list of our favourite style icons. No surprise who's on it.

Justin FitzPatrick, The Shoe Snob

We've met quite a lot of people but never a bigger shoe snob at the very least...

Truefitt & Hill  

Take it from us—gents, pamper yourself well.


Hat of Cain 

Everyone seems to always be on the lookout for the perfect panama hat. We found it.

Albert Thurston

Can we convince the younger generation to start wearing braces?

Parisian Gentleman

Lesson 101 on tailoring—we're always learning something new here.


We all know by now that a good scent is what gets the ladies, right?

For the love of laundry

We have trust issues when it comes to dry-cleaning. This one doesn't disappoint.

Masaru Okuyama

A pair of shoes is the attire that expresses your seriousness about life.

Union of Artisans

We share a common interest—we believe in why they do it.