Kevin Seah Bespoke prides itself on pushing the creative boundaries and attaining a strong willingness to innovate. In accordance with that philosophy, interested companies or individuals are always welcome to contact us for such collaborative opportunities.


French graffiti artist, Ceet, has his portfolio showcased at numerous international street art exhibitions around the globe with his style reflecting greatly on both his personality and approach to life. Largely based on an interplay of colours as much as letterings, the finished product is mechanically executed—hence, constructing a masterpiece sophisticated in design and finish. 

In collaboration with Kevin Seah Bespoke, an exclusive limited edition print was created with the artwork reproduced to become a sports jacket's lining. 


Better known as Kongo, Cyril Phan is a self-taught painter who has established himself as a leading figure in the French and European art scene over the past two decades—famous for his graffiti artwork and reputation in the legendary M.A.C. group.

In collaboration with Kevin Seah Bespoke, a special edition sports jacket was bespoken for with the masterpiece showcased at Kongo's solo exhibition at D'Gallerie, Jakarta, in May 2013. 


Naoki Nakagawa is a Japanese artisan who is one of the few individuals in the world who possesses the ability to craft a pair of spectacles from beginning to end. Being a true disciple of tradition, Nakagawa insists on using only the best synthetic and natural materials while constantly striving to innovate, develop and utilise them alongside his design sensibilities. The result? Nackymade glasses are characterised by a meticulous amount of attention to details. 

In collaboration with Kevin Seah Bespoke, a collection of Nackymade products is forged specifically to suit our in-house tailoring aesthetics.